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Our Clients' Opinions Matter

“Nancy is a knowledgeable, compassionate, and caring therapist. She helped me get through a difficult time in my life and helped me grieve through my miscarriage while being a strong support system for me and my husband. She is very thoughtful and insightful in the therapy she provides. I highly recommend her and feel very comfortable and confident in her skill set as a therapist. “  S.T.

“My son loves Ms. Nancy and she’s amazing with children. She helps them to feel special, secure, and able to express how they feel in a therapeutic setting. I have recommended other parents to her as I feel she is able to work well with children and different age ranges. When my son initially started therapy, he was not able to talk to anybody about what was bothering him and within a few months he was talking, smiling, and sharing with Ms. Nancy what has taken his past therapists months to unravel. She is a gem and has provided me with very helpful parenting techniques to use when dealing with my kids.” Jill

“Initially when we started couples therapy my husband was ambivalent about going to see a therapist. However, Nancy has helped us both feel heard in our relationship and has given us the tools and skills we need to help our marriage work and continue harmoniously.” D.C.

“My son is an adolescent who has been very oppositional, defiant, and difficult to parent during his preteen years and it got worse during his adolescent years. I have taken him to several psychologists, specialists, and therapists but all in vain. He couldn’t open up to them and didn’t feel comfortable enough to express himself. We finally found Nancy and it all just clicked. I was shocked at how open he was with her and how he actually enjoyed seeing a therapist. She was able to help me get my son back and mend our relationship. He also learned how to manage all his intense emotions in a healthy manner. I am forever grateful for all her hard work with my son.” G.D.

“Therapy has helped me immensely because I leave in better spirits than when I initially started. When I first started treatment, I had a lot of anger and was struggling to get by after working with Nancy she was able to get to the root and core of my anger issues and has taught me a lot of anger management skills to cope. My work with her has been a God send because thanks to Nancy I don’t get angry and irritable at work and have had less work problems. I have worked with previous therapists and they have never been as insightful, knowledgeable, and helpful as Nancy has. I always recommend her to those who are seeking to work with a caring and helpful professional. I can’t say enough good things for how she has helped me in my life and career. Thank you, Nancy!” M.S.

"She's a very kind-hearted, empathetic, and caring therapist who is always ready to help her clients and tries to go above and beyond to assist them with any difficulties they are encountering. She's always positive and encouraging which is needed when you're struggling with clinical depression and anxiety. She was able to help me reduce my symptoms of clinical depression and help me get through a very dark period of my life. I highly recommend her and can't thank her enough for all the work she's done with me." C.T.

"Nancy is very passionate about the work she does as a therapist and it reflects in her attitude and work. She is quick to respond to client's correspondence & calls and provide them with answers to their questions and concerns. She's not like anyone I've ever seen because you can immediately feel from the initial session that she cares alot and is ready to help you with your concerns. She is a great therapist and a good support system during a difficult period. I'm happy with the work she does and recommend her to those seeking a therapist."