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My approach and style in therapy and counseling clients, families, and couples is to have each member be an active participant in their treatment and help them feel empowered and heard in each session. I use a variety of therapeutic modalities including eclectic, cognitive-behavioral therapy, dialectal behavioral therapy, client-centered therapy, solution-focused therapy, individual, couples, family, and group therapy. I cater my treatment style to the needs of my clients and families.  My commitment to my clients is to ensure that they receive high quality care and answers to the issues they are encountering. 

My goal as your therapist is to have you leaving our therapy sessions feeling encouraged, positive, enlightened, supported, and empowered with tools, skills, and techniques to help you with any issues or problems you or your loved ones are encountering. Furthermore, we can create and implement together strategies for changing harmful thoughts, negative relational patterns, negative emotions and behaviors while creating more productive and positive thoughts and decisions for your life and family.
Do you feel alone, unheard, and unsure of your purpose in life?

Do you find that living life and getting out of bed daily is a struggle and oftentimes impossible?

Do you find yourself always putting yourself last while putting your work, spouse/partner, children, parents, family and others above your own needs and concerns?

Do you often times feel like your moods, emotions, and thoughts control your actions, behaviors, and interactions with others?

Are you burnt out, stressed, anxious, or constantly feeling scared or worried something bad will happen?

Are you a parent at your wit’s end struggling to discipline a defiant or oppositional child who doesn’t listen or respect you?

Are you raising a child with special needs and feel tired and overwhelmed by the demands of his/her care?

Do you have a loved one with a medical condition or terminal illness? If so, a nonjudgmental, supportive, and encouraging therapeutic relationship with a counselor can help you work together to identify your strengths, goals, and ways to diminish destructive relationship patterns.

Our approach is simple

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