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Individual Therapy- This is a form of counseling that is one on one with a client and therapist. The sessions are a form of therapy that entail one on one with a trained therapist in a caring, nurturing, and empathetic environment. Individual therapy is a process in which clients explore their feelings, innermost thoughts, behaviors, and work through challenges in their life. 

Couples Therapy-
This is a form of counseling that assists couples to help reach a high level of satisfaction in their relationships together. Couples are more than welcome to book double sessions if needed. Please note couples therapy can also be provided to assist towards an amicable separation or divorce.

Premarital Counseling- This is a form of counseling in which the therapist assists the couple prior to their marriage in tackling their main issues encountered in marriage and collaboratively working towards a harmonious marital relationship.

Family Therapy-
These are counseling sessions used to assist families to effectively communicate with the family unit and each member of the family. The purpose is to enhance the family dynamic and assist in any family issues. Sessions run for about 50-60 minutes but families are more than welcome to book double sessions if needed.

roup Therapy- Is a form of therapy with more than 2 members or clients in a group setting that share a common issue or interest. The group comes together on a consistent basis to learn from each other and from the therapist on how to resolve difficult problems or situations.

Parenting/Co-parenting Sessions-
These are therapy sessions utilized to help parents who are separated, divorced, or living apart to co-parent a child or children in a healthy and effective manner. Parenting sessions are also ways that therapists use psychoeducation and developmental psychology to educate parents on their child’s developmental stages.

Telecommunication/Teleconference/Skype Sessions- This is a new form of treatment that is modern to cater to the needs of clients who are unable to physically come to the office or who are unable to come to an office setting due to physical and health limitations. We are able to provide phone sessions/ face time sessions, skype sessions on the computer, and email communications. Disclaimer-Due to the nature of this form of treatment, it is not recommended for clients who are high risk or who are severely mentally ill and may be a harm to themselves. This form of therapy will be by appointment and by therapist’s discretion.

Mental Health Assessments-  Licensed Clinical Social Workers are able to provide mental health assessments for clients who are in need of an assessment for surgery or court.

Art Therapy-  In art therapy, clients create artwork, facilitated by the art therapist, to explore concerns, increase self-awareness, find creative solutions, and improve overall well-being.

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