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A New Way Forward

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The Women of Worth - - W.O.W Group is an educational-supportive group that connects, empowers, educates, and encourages women of all ages and backgrounds.

It inspires women to rise above any suffering and develop optimal functioning in their daily lives.             

The W.O.W group provides women the opportunity to heal in a nonthreatening environment by expressing themselves, learning coping skills, building connections with other group members, and developing effective socialization techniques.


Current open groups


Women of Worth--W.O.W


Each group session runs for 8 weeks on Saturdays from 9am to 10:15am.   

Group starts After COVID-19 is under control.

Participation in all 8 sessions is highly recommended to gain the utmost benefit from the group  setting.          

Cost: $55 per session. 


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Group members will learn emotional regulation / stress reduction techniques from a variety of treatment and healing modalities

while developing cohesiveness and     connection with other group members.

The 2 group leaders, who are trained mental health professionals, and the group members provide a warm supportive atmosphere, where concrete skills can be taught, practiced, and implemented within the group and in everyday life.